With Leaky Defense urinal screen soccer goals, everyone wins. 

Each and every dude who hits the head gets to take aim at a soccer ball dangling tantalizing in front of an open net.

Meanwhile, each and every bar, restaurant, hotel or stadium knows they've done their best to make sure shots stay on target, in bounds and off the floor.

Leaky Defense urinal mat soccer goals are fun, unique and sanitary. Put your guests in a position to finish.

While the joy of blasting away at a perfect ball knows no season, the World Cup is coming up. If you're showing soccer (or football or voetbal or Fußball or Fodbold), your guests will love creating their own highlight reel finish in the toilet with that urinal mat ball simply begging to be put on goal.

People want soccer – let's give them soccer!

If you have any questions, reach out to us at info@leakydefense.com.